Sultana opens with Egyptian food, hookah bar

Nov 12th, 2015 | by Eat Drink Indy | News, Restaurants

Sultana, a Middle Eastern restaurant and hookah bar, has opened — very softly — in the recently renovated building at 1107 N. College Ave. The building also houses the newish R2Go market.

Sultana has opened at 1107 N. College Ave.

Sultana has opened at 1107 N. College Ave.

Sultana offers a menu of appetizers, sandwiches, kabobs, some vegetarian options and dinner entrees. Most menu items range from 7 to $15.
Owner Mohey Osman, who also owns Crust pizzeria in Carmel, said the emphasis at Sultana is on authenticity.
“We tried to get the Middle Eastern food here  to Indiana without any editing — just very authentic in everything,” said Osman. “When a customer comes in, they will definitely feel like they are in the Middle East, like they are in Egypt or Dubai or Jordan.”

Sultana, an Egyptian restaurant and hookah bar, features authentic Middle Eastern food and decor.

Sultana, a new Egyptian restaurant and hookah bar at 1107 N. College Ave., features authentic Middle Eastern food and decor.

The over-21 restaurant also features a hookah bar. “One section of the restaurant will be hookah,” said Osman, “and one will be just food.”
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