Q&A with Ted Miller of Outliers Brewing Company

Jan 17th, 2014 | by Eat Drink Indy | Craft beer, News

When people come in to Outliers  Brewing Company at 534 E. North St. for its open house tonight, they’re going to see a great space — a huge space — one that seems tailor made for brewing beer.  Ted Miller, of Outliers and its soon-to-be adjacent restaurant The Owner’s Wife, talked recently about how it all came together.

Ted Miller

Q: So you have two buildings — how’d that happen?

A: When we did the walk through the first time, when we left, as brewers do, we walked down to the avenue for a beer. So we’re walking to Mass Ave., and one of our partners looks at the window there next door and says, ‘That one’s for sale too,’ so we called them right away.  We called them from outside, and they were in there, and they said come in and take a look. We walked in and looked, and went down to Chatham Tap and sat down and had a beer and said, ‘Oh my God, we’re getting both of these damn things.’ That was probably two years ago right now.

Q: So work will start soon on the restaurant side?

A: A big hole is going in there [pointing to a wall]. That’s The Owners Wife. It’s a totally separate building, but it’s all going to be connected, which is why some major delays have happened. It’s historical. At one point we almost sold that building.

Q: It’s going a a brewpub rather than a brewery with a tasting room?

A: Everybody asks all the time: tasting room? No, we’ll have a bar. It’s called The Owner’s Wife. You can go next door and taste all you want. You can come in here and grab a growler or a t-shirt, and that’s fine.

Q: But you’re also supplying other restaurants, right?

A: We have four beers that we’ve brewed right now. We have such good relationships with so many restaurants and bars. By the second week of January, you’re going to be seeing it all over the place.

Q: How much will you be brewing?

A: We can brew reasonably 3,000 barrels a year in here, which is a big brewpub. It’s a very small craft brewery, but it’s a big brewpub. But because we opened this side first [the brewery], people’s perceptions are going to be a tasting room, a craft brewery. That’s what they’re seeing, even though what I’ve said over and over and over is gigantic freaking brew pub. 

Q: What’s happening with craft breweries in Indiana right now?

A: Everybody outside of Indiana is looking at Indiana. When I became the president [of the Brewers of Indiana Guild] there were 26 [breweries]. There are 75 now. There are 25 licences pending, so you’re talking about 100 by summer.


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