Play along: Match the Indy restaurants with their Yelp review

Nov 23rd, 2015 | by Eat Drink Indy | Jolene’s Blog

If you’ve been following along on Facebook about the Chefs’ Thanksgiving event that I put together with chef Thom England, you’ve seen some of the photos of the competitions he and Karen Mangia came up with. One of them was a match-the-restaurant-with-its-Yelp-review game. Some of the chefs got six or seven out of 10 — see how you do.

1. “Take the inventory here, dress it up behind a pretentious chic heavily-francais storefront in the highest rent spot you can find in Indy, jack the prices up.”

2. “The plates were hot, which was great for the entrée, not so great for the salad.”

3. “They have enough now that their recipe book will surely outlast your liver.”

4. “I order a margarita and wasn’t carded, thoughts run through my mind, such as did I not wear enough sunscreen last week? Is 22 the new 40?”

5. “I’ve wanted to like this place, because, well, it sounds cool…but I’ve tried to like this place *four* times, and I still haven’t gotten a boner over it like some of you.”

6. “Do not try this place unless you have your sleeping bag with you. The server did not tell us how long the wait would be.”

7. “Unoriginal, cookie cutter hipster place: straight out of an episode of Portlandia.”

8. “My martini had way too much vermouth, and to make things worse, it was served in a parfait glass! I expected the drink to be served in a classic martini glass and not in a hot fudge sunday glass.”

9. “The bison pate was awful. Granted, I am not sure I would ever like bison pate.”

10. “The booths were WAY too low for the table height. I could’ve lowered my face about an inch and just eaten my meal straight from the bowl, no utensils needed. I’m almost 5’5”…I shouldn’t need a booster seat.”

Cerulean executive chef Alan Sternberg: at the recent Chefs' Thanksgiving party.

Cerulean executive chef Alan Sternberg, door prize winner at the recent Chefs’ Thanksgiving party, got 7 out of 10 right.

a. Goose the Market

b. The Mug

c. Circle City Sweets

d. Thunderbird

e. Sangrita

f. Plow & Anchor

g. Cerulean

h. Wilks & Wilson

i. Pizzology

j. Libertine

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