My holiday dessert: Easy frozen key lime cheesecake

Jul 5th, 2014 | by Eat Drink Indy | Cook, Jolene’s Blog, News

So, okay, this isn’t really a cheesecake, and it doesn’t have key lime juice in it. You make the filling with three ingredients — same for the pretzel crust. But it is pretty darn good and a great, super-easy dessert for a holiday weekend.

And that’s why I made it last night after the fireworks. A holiday weekend calls for a terrific frozen dessert, and this one is definitely a crowd pleaser.

Key lime cheesecake

Frozen Key Lime Cheesecake with Pretzel Crust

Serves 8

1 1/4 cups crushed pretzels

1/4 cup sugar

1 stick butter, melted

2 (8-ounce) packages cream cheese, at room temperature

7 to 71/2-ounce jar marshmallow cream (such as Marshmallow Fluff brand)

3 (6-ounce) containers key lime yogurt

Zest of 1 lime, optional

In a bowl, stir together the crushed pretzels, sugar and melted butter. Press crumbs in the bottom and up the sides of a 9-inch glass pie plate. Place crust in freezer while mixing the filling.

For the filling, in a mixing bowl, beat together the cream cheese and marshmallow cream until smooth. Mix in the yogurt. If desired, zest half of the lime over the bowl and stir in the the zest. You could also add a few drops of green food coloring, if you want.

Spread the filling in the crust, mounding slightly in the middle. If desired, zest the rest of the lime over the top. Freeze several hours until firm. Let stand at room temperature 10 minutes before slicing.

This was inspired by a recipe for Yogurt Torte in “The Marshmallow Fluff Cookbook” (Running Press, $9.95). That recipe called for lemon yogurt. I think strawberry or peach would also work well.

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