Local chef creates summertime tradition

Jul 1st, 2014 | by Eat Drink Indy | News, Restaurants

It’s that time of year again. Local chef Roger Hawkins of Circle City Soups will be offering his signature summertime soup, My Dad’s Sweet Corn Chowder, made only with fresh corn from farmers’ market vendor My Dad’s Sweet Corn. The popular corn is raised and picked by hand by the Allen Baird family in Tipton County.

“I will only use his,” said Hawkins. “It’s the best corn that I’ve ever had. When it comes in, I start buying it.”

Hawkins has made his signature corn chowder at Circle City Soups for the past four years; before that, he prepared it at other restaurants where he worked. “I just came up with the recipe,” he said, “and I’ve been making it ever since.”

Roger Hawkins, chef/owner at Circle City Soups, is once again making My Dad's Sweet Corn Chowder.

Roger Hawkins, chef/owner at Circle City Soups, is once again making My Dad’s Sweet Corn Chowder.

It’s the same recipe every year, Hawkins said, and there aren’t many ingredients. “It’s just corn, cream, butter, salt, pepper. All the good stuff.”

You can get the soup at the Carmel and Broad Ripple farmers’ markets for $9 a pint or $17 a quart. It’ will also be available Wednesday at Circle City Soups in the Indianapolis City Market and occasionally on other days as well. But it does go fast, Hawkins said. To reserve some for pick up at the farmers’ markets or at Circle City Soups, it’s best to call ahead, he said. You can reach City Market location at 317-632-3644.

The price is a bit higher than last year, Hawkins said, because the cost of the ingredients has increased. “Last year, I was able to find a away around it,” he said, “but this year we’re finally going to have to raise it up.”

But regardless of price, when it’s gone, it’s gone. “We just have to wait until the next year for it to come back in,” he said. “That’s the great thing about seasons. When it’s here, enjoy it. When it’s not, just think about it. But, luckily, we go into the next season, and there’s something you can look forward to about that. And it does freeze very well.”  — Jolene Ketzenberger


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