Local biz teacher plans organic doughnut shop

Mar 27th, 2014 | by Eat Drink Indy | News

Indianapolis has embraced the local food movement in a big way, and this fall seasonal food fans will even be able to indulge in local, seasonal, organic doughnuts — even vegan and gluten-free varieties.

Ben Davis business teacher Patrick Burtch, 31, launched a Kickstarter campaign recently to raise funds for Rocket 88 Doughnuts, which he hopes to open in Fountain Square or the near Eastside. Chef’s Academy pastry student Rachel Layne will handle the baking. “Early fall is the target,” said Burtch. “We’d love to be open by September, October.”

Rocket 88 Full Logo

The shop’s name comes from an early ’50s recording considered to be one of the first rock-n-roll songs. “I’m a huge music fan,” he said. “I came across a song called Rocket 88 and it has a cool history behind the name of it.”

But why doughnuts? “I’ve been wanting to do a cafe or coffee shop for a long time,” Burtch said. “I stumbled across the idea of doughnuts. I thought that might be a good niche to tap into. And it seems to be a way to tap into the local food movement as well.”

To get the local, seasonal focus, you need to think beyond the typical glazed doughnut.

“We would be trying to do organic and local as much as possible,” Burtch said. “It’s going to be very seasonal. In the summer we’d do a lot more berry doughnuts. Pumpkin and apple in the fall.”

And while he acknowledges that doughnuts aren’t exactly healthy, “at least the ingredients will be coming from quality sources.”

That does mean prices will be somewhat higher at Rocket 88 than at typical doughnuts shops. “We’ll be higher priced than most of the shops in town,” Butch said, noting that most of his doughnuts will be in the $1.25 to $1.75 price range.

The Rocket 88 Kickstarter campaign runs through April 14. Pledges start at $10, but pledge $500 or more and you’ll get to help design a specialty doughnut.

— Jolene Ketzenberger

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