Day drinking at Milktooth: a few suggestions

Oct 2nd, 2014 | by Eat Drink Indy | News, Restaurants, Wine & Spirits

The much-anticipated Milktooth from chef/owner Jonathan Brooks is finally open, and I’m sure the breakfast/lunch/brunch place is going to be plenty popular — especially on weekends, when diners will definitely be ordering from the cocktail list. 

The Blood Meridian cocktail, $10, at Milktooth.

The Blood Meridian cocktail, $10, at Milktooth.

What to try? I liked the Blood Meridian cocktail, made with spiced rum, cranberry vodka and tawny port. It’s not only lovely, but it’s also lush, well balanced and doesn’t taste too boozy – I could definitely drink it at brunch.

But here are a few more cocktail suggestions, from Milktooth’s Jesse Lee.

Papa Hem, $9:
with Deep Eddy grapefruit vodka, Emile Pernot Sapin, champagne
“It’s very simple but the flavors are complex,” said Lee. ” It’s our answer to Death in the Afternoon, the classic absinthe and champagne. So this is similar. Less proof than absinthe and a lesser amount too. But with that same flavor.”

Did it in a Minute, $10:
with cold-pressed coffee, crème de menthe, vanilla cream, soda
“It’s an espresso cocktail,” Lee said. “Lighter in alcohol. It has great caffeine in it. The espresso we’re using is really awesome. It’s espresso over ice in my shaking tin and then I use a little bit of Sapin, a little bit of real crème de cocoa from the Tempus Fugit line as well as their crème de menthe and a whole egg. And mole bitters. So it’s silky. It’s almost like a cream cocktail. It’s not eggy. It’s like a dessert coffee drink.”

The Mad Dog Margarita, $3,  uses  Astral tequila and MD 20/20 flavored liquor.

The Mad Dog Margarita, $3, uses Astral tequila and MD 20/20 flavored liquor.

Mad Dog Margarita, $3:
with Habanero Lime-Arita, Astral tequila, lime, salt
“So Jordan, our head chef, and chef Jon were making crazy fun cocktails with cheap ingredients one night,” Lee said. “For one they made a Mad Dog Margarita.So we’re using a really awesome blue agave tequila, called Astral, which is delicious on its own and also great for cocktails, and Mad Dog, fresh lime, a little bit of sugar, a salted rim and a little tiny splash of fresh OJ just to sweeten it a little more from the lime. It’s a good little margarita. And it’s a $3 cocktail. It’s very fun. It’s playful. You know, we’re a fine diner, but we’re also sort of silly. So I think it fits.”

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