Testing a banana bread tip

Squishy bananas on the kitchen counter today meant it was once again time to make banana bread. The last time I made some loaves and posted photos on Facebook, local pastry chef Cindy Hawkins of Circle City Sweets offered some advice:

“Here’s a tip to get a pretty crack down the middle. Melt a little butter and draw a line down the middle. The fat tells the bread where to split.”

So today when I made a loaf, I gave it a try and am happy to report that it worked. Take a look at the last loaves I made compared to this one. Thank, Cindy!

With a line of melted butter down the middle.
With a line of melted butter down the middle.
Without a line of melted butter down the middle
Without a line of melted butter down the middle.

Snowstorm Food

Judging from Facebook comments, a snowstorm means it’s time to cook. So what did you make during the Snowpocalypse of 2014?

Biscuits and gravy: One of the many dishes that helped us warm up during the recent snowstorm.

Biscuits and gravy: One of the many dishes that helped us warm up during the recent snowstorm.

Sunday night I am making Ree Drummond’s Chicken Parmesan. Have had the ingredients including the chicken for days. I’m a retired production planner so I have our meals planned days in advance. — Deb Ramey

Snow food is beef stew, ham and beans, or any kind of soup. — Patrick Mullen

I always ask my friends if they have the stuff for blizzard French toast–which was the only reason I could figure that people always buy eggs, milk, and bread before a snowstorm. Well, toilet paper, but that’s self explanatory. — Amy Mullen

I”ve got a stewing hen and some beef bones. Time to make soup.—Katy Williams

I’ve got three kinds of greens and some ham chunks. That and bread tomorrow should keep us fed.– Daina Grounds Chamness

Sundays are big cooking days in our house because that is the day I make the 5 am swim practice breakfast for my son for the week. BUT, we are having Boeuf Bourguignon. It just sounded good. — Heather Tallman

May make onion soup and a loaf of French bread.—Jean Long

For some reason, cold weather = potato soup.– Tamra Phelps

Homemade pizza. Always. Got the stones. Got the goods. Got the side salad. Got the beer.—Ed Wenck

I have two types of cookie dough in my fridge ready to bake. Also have Pumpkin Bread I can bake. Mmmmm! Chili for the crock pot too!– Brenda Gilbert Gore

Making a Broken Yolk open faced sandwich with Smoking Goose Bacon, Asparagus and Hollandaise tomorrow morning. #GiveMeAReasonToCook—James Nimmer

Veggie soup and cheddar biscuits.– Stacey Maupin Torres

Something beefy in the crockpot. Maybe a middle eastern stew over couscous?  And the second batch of Nutella sea salt cookies that didn’t get made at Christmas!—Erin Kem

Definitely making biscuits and gravy to thank the hubby for shoveling. Kaitlin’s boyfriend is on a low carb diet, so he’s getting chilequeles with lo carb tortillas.– Lori Goldsby

We are going to do chicken enchiladas. — Natalie Phillips

Crab corn chowder in whole wheat bread bowls.– Kelli J. Jack-Kelly

My traditional fall back when I’m (fill in descriptive adverb)…chicken noodle soup!– Lynne Steinhour Habig

Chicken and noodles (homemade stock from the freezer).– Sue E. Arnold

All I want to do is cook when it’s snowing like this. In thinking a hearty soup and some crusty bread. Mmmmm. —Tammy Lively

Roasted Thai pumpkin soup – little cubes of squash swimming in light pumpkin coconut broth.– PM Moffat