Bluebeard owners snap up southside pizza place

Jun 20th, 2014 | by Eat Drink Indy | News, Restaurants

Three of the partners in Bluebeard are expanding their horizons — in pizza.

Tom, Sherry and Eddie Battista just closed on a deal to buy the Pasquale’s Pizza and Pasta at 1135 E. Troy Ave. Tom Battista, who owns buildings that house some of the city’s finest chef-driven restaurants, is friends with long-time Pasquale’s owner Rich Decamp, who indicated in late February he was ready to exit the pizza business.

The owners of Bluebeard have bought the Pasquale's at Troy Ave.

The owners of Bluebeard have bought the Pasquale’s at 1135 E. Troy Ave.

“The restaurant is doing okay,” Eddie Battista said, “but it’s more work than (Decamp) wants to be doing, and he’s ready to move on.”

The deal does not include any of the other Pasquale’s Pizza and Pasta restaurants in the area.

The Battistas plan to make what Eddie called minor changes to Pasquale’s operations and food, but the real draw is the potential they see in the Carson Heights neighborhood. The restaurant is just east of Shelby Street, the corridor that links bustling Fountain Square with the emerging area around the University of Indianapolis.

“There is some opportunity there,” Battista said of the family’s motivation for buying Pasquale’s, “we just don’t know how far out that is.”

The restaurant will give them a chance to learn more about an area they think is ripe for the kind of development they’ve witnessed along Mass Ave. and in Fountain Square.

The residential area around Garfield Park is increasingly popular for families, which has contributed to the success of Fountain Square just to the north on Shelby Street. That base and the neighborhoods around UIndy could lead to development of restaurants, like Bluebeard, more traditionally associated with the Battistas.

“It’s a matter of how long it will take to actually connect the two (areas) and have those be more viable neighborhoods for a Bluebeard-style restaurant,” Battista said.

The Battistas are known for their patience when it comes to emerging areas. The family owned buildings along Mass Ave. for years before development there took off. R Bistro and Black Market are located in Battista buildings now, and they bought the Bluebeard building when the Cultural Trail was still in the planning stage. Their presence along the Shelby Street corridor can be seen as a sign of confidence in its future.

“It’s an opportunity that’s been presented to us and there’s not too much risk involved in it. It’s a very simple operation,” Battista said. “So it’s taking advantage of an opportunity that has the possibility of some upside potential.”


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