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Jan 25th, 2016 | by Eat Drink Indy | Jolene’s Blog

Once again, I’ve lagged behind on my efforts to keep you all up to date on what I’ve been up to. So I will say again that I’ll be posting more frequently – because honestly, there’s so much going on. It’s just that I tend to post so much on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or I talk about this or that on TV or on the radio, and by the time I get back here, it seems like I’ve already told you all about it.

If I start repeating myself, let me know, okay?

Loft restaurant

Like right now, there’s so much I could tell you about, but I’ll try to stick to just a few – and save some for next time. Since I’ll be back soon, right?

So one thing I’ve been thinking about is the idea of making sure to get out and see what some of my favorite restaurants are up to right now. I get caught up in trying to get to all the newest places – and goodness knows there are plenty of new spots to try – but I’m also trying to get back to others.

So last weekend I went with one of the kids to the Loft restaurant at Traders Point Creamery. They have a “Winter in the Woods” special going on right now, and at $38 per person for three courses, it was priced right.

Honestly, money is always a concern, so I have to be judicious about where I spend my dining dollars. But this special menu really was worth the price.

Both the soup (duck and wild rice) and the salad (kale with black walnuts, pickled cranberries and fromage blanc) were terrific, and we loved both entrees that we tried: elk osso bucco and butter-poached lobster and whitefish. Desserts were good too, especially the cardamom and orange-scented rice pudding.

What was especially nice about the meal was the service. Our server put a lot of effort into making sure we were happy with our wine choice – and we weren’t even buying a whole bottle. We just ordered a glass of wine each, but our server brought out several samples to make sure we would really enjoy what we ordered. She made great suggestions, and we were both happy with our choices.

It was so nice for someone to take that much time and effort, for just a glass of wine. But you know, a glass of wine is $9 or $10, after all – not insignificant – and I appreciate someone taking the time to make sure I was happy. And our server really seemed to enjoy making suggestions and was happy when she came up with ones we liked.

Plus, we got to say hello to chef Brandon Canfield. So with the terrific menu, attentive service and the always lovely setting at the Loft, it was a great revisit – just the kind of experience you want to have.

If you need a reason to revisit a favorite restaurant, it’s Devour Downtown time. Check out what’s new with #DevourIndy here.

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